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Why are my eyelashes falling out?

Why are my eyelashes falling out?

Causes of eyelash loss

There are many reasons that our eyelashes can be lost. Everyday activities like rubbing weary eyes or the occasional natural loss of eyelash hair are common reasons and shouldn't raise any red flags. But if the issue continues and you observe unique sparsity, look into your beauty regimen and general health to identify any underlying problems.

A few of the most possible reasons are listed below:

1. Age:

    With age, it is pretty common to lose hair on the head, body, and eyelashes too.

    2. Make up and cosmetics:

      Excessive usage of cosmetics near the eyes such as under-eye creams and mascara can also lead to eyelash loss.

      3. Medical conditions:

        Certain medical conditions and medication can result in the loss of hair on eyelashes.

        4. Allergies:

          There are a few allergies that can be caused by any allergen due to dust, food, water, or cosmetics too, and this results in loss of eyelashes.

          5. Infections:

            Infections like mites and fungal infections can affect the eyelash follicles and cause hair loss.

            6.Nutritional deficiencies:

              Deficiency in a few essential nutrients like Biotin, Vitamin E, minerals, and iron can cause hair loss in eyelashes.

              Is it normal for eyelashes to fall out?

              Yes, it is normal for eyelashes to fall out. Like every other hair strand on the body, eyelashes also fall out and grow back again. It is observed that on average a person can experience a loss of five eyelashes per day, and this changes from person to person. Eyelashes growth is also divided into phases, which are the growth phase, transition phase, and telogen phase. These phases are just like the regular hair growth phases. But there’s a problem only when there is extreme eyelash loss and no proper regrowth.

              Do eyelashes grow back after falling out?

              Yes, eyelashes typically grow back after falling out as part of the natural hair growth cycle. The time it takes for one eyelash to regrow varies from person to person and is influenced by personal characteristics including age, genetics, and general health. After the old eyelash has fallen out, it typically takes 6 to 8 weeks for the new one to fully grow in.

              What makes eyelashes grow?

              Eyelash growth is usually dependent on the hair growth cycle and the activity of hair follicles. Here are a few factors that contribute to eyelash growth:

              • Hair growth cycle
              • Hair follicles
              • Genetics
              • Hormones
              • Nutritional Factors
              • Care
              • Age

              How to stimulate eyelash growth naturally?

              To naturally stimulate your eyelash growth, you need consistency and follow the given below techniques:

              • Follow a blanched and healthy diet
              • Don’t use harsh cosmetics
                • Remove makeup carefully
                • Use gentle mascara
                • Apply castor oil, coconut oil, or aloe vera gel
                  • Consult your dermatologist
                  • Take proper eye care and maintain hygiene

                    How to prevent eyelash loss?

                    Be it growing the eyelashes naturally or preventing eyelash loss or making your eyelashes stronger you need to follow the same things as mentioned above. You can avoid eyelash loss, promote the health and beauty of your lashes, and prevent eyelash shedding by implementing these suggestions and practicing proper eyelash hygiene. Consult with a dermatologist or other healthcare provider as soon as you observe noticeable thinning or eyelash loss for a thorough assessment and tailored guidance.

                    Take Away

                    A dermatologist or healthcare provider should be consulted if you have concerns regarding the development or health of your eyelashes, or if you notice any unusual eyelash loss or thinning in order to receive a thorough assessment along with personalized guidance.


                    Does Vaseline help the growth of eyelashes?

                    Although Vaseline creates the illusion of thicker and longer lashes, it doesn’t help in the growth of the eyelashes.

                    Does crying make your eyelashes longer?

                    No crying doesn’t make your eyelashes longer or grow but it helps your eyes get cleaned from the dust accumulated.

                    How often do eyelashes shed?

                    As mentioned before, on an average a person can experience the loss of 5 eyelashes everyday, and the typical growth cycle of eyelashes is 6 to 10 weeks.


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