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lime water benefits

Lime water benefits

The first thing we remember during a hot summer day is lime water, as it is hydrating and fulfills our thrust. Lime water has numerous health benefits and is also beneficial to the skin too. Our body is composed of 60% of water, so we need to regulate water intake properly so that we stay hydrated and active all day. And it’s not just water that we can drink, we can drink fluids and that can play a part too. 

6 Benefits of drinking lime water

1. Skin benefits

Lime is rich in Vitamin C, and antioxidants that help strengthen collagen in our body. It is common in many cosmetic products that Vitamin C is the ingredient in them. Vitamin C helps in rejuvenating skin, and flavonoids help in increasing the elasticity of the skin.

Lime juice can also be applied to the skin directly for various beauty benefits. However, it is not recommended to apply during sun exposure.

2. Aids digestion

Lime juice is suggestable for the ones with digestive problems. Vitamin C and flavonoids help secrete more saliva and stimulate the proper secretion of digestive juices.

Lime juice also treats constipation and helps in proper bowel movements. And if you have acid reflux, then drinking lime juice before a meal can decrease this feeling and cures it too.

3. Fights infection

We are easily prone to infections when our immune system is weak. If you are getting flu and fevers regularly then your immune system is more likely to be weak. Drinking lime juice regularly can increase your immunity and helps you fight off infections easily.

4. Weight loss

The main advantage of lime juice is weight loss. Most people drink lime juice for this reason. Lime juice helps boost metabolism and burn more calories. Apart from regular physical activity, lime juice acts as a supplement for weight loss. It is recommended to drink lime juice early in the morning for better results.

5. Cures heart diseases

The rich magnesium and potassium content in the lime juices heart health. Drinking Lime juice lowers your mental instability and reduces cholesterol.

6. Prevents Cancer

It is widely believed that drinking lime water regularly can reduce the risk of developing cancer and can prevent it too. The antioxidants present in lime promote healthy cell growth and improve the functions of the immune system.

Does lime water help you lose weight?

Yes, lime water helps you lose weight to an extent. Drinking lime water increases your overall metabolism. An increase in metabolism leads to keeping you active all day long. So this makes you eat less, and obviously, your weight starts to drop. Drinking lime water regularly can burn calories too. And drinking it in the morning keeps you all day active, energized, and boosted.

How to make lime water for weight loss?

Making lime water is very easy, you can make yourselves one at home.

Step 1: Take a fresh lime, and wash it properly.

Step 2: Now cut the lime into half and squeeze the lime juice into a glass.

Step 3: Now add water to the glass and honey for taste.

Step 4: You can add a lime pitcher for added flavor.

Your fresh and healthy lime is ready. Drink a glass every day to stay healthy and fit.

When to drink lime water for weight loss?

As it is understood by now that lime water help loses weight. The next question is how and when to consume lime. The best way to consume lime juice is by adding honey instead of sugar. Because sugar is fat and doesn’t get you any difference in weight. While honey is not a fat and natural sweetening agent. It gives you taste and is healthy too. Coming to the timings, you can drink lime water at any time of the day. You can drink before meals so that you can eat less, you can drink after meals so that it aids in digestion. You can drink it post-workout for energy and hydration, and you can drink it after waking up, to keep you active. But the most advisable time to consume is in the morning to keep your metabolism boosted and it also aids in better weight loss.

Lime water vs lemon water

Both lime and lemon are from the same species and family, they are also called citrus fruits. Comparatively lemon has more Vitamin C and antioxidants than lime. On the other hand, Lime has more vitamins and minerals than lemon. But on the whole, both lime and lemon contribute to the health of consumers. 

Both lime and lemon have most things in common. They can be easily grown all over the world. But lemons grow well in moderate climates while lime can better in any tropical and sub-tropical zones.

Side effects of lime for female

  • Teeth problems like tooth decay and enamel erosion
  • Applying it on the skin can rashes and redness
  • Can cause migraines
  • Increase stomach problems and heartburn
  • Can worsen cancer sores
  • Redness and peeling on the skin
  • Phytophotdermatitis when applied on the skin
  • Can cause reactions during medication

Take Away

Drinking lime water has numerous health benefits. It has very minute side effects that are totally dependent on the way you consume. So start today, go to the store, pick up fresh limes, cut them, squeeze the juice out and enjoy the drink and become healthy at the same time.


What does lime do in a woman's body?

Lime is rich in Vitamin C, be it man or woman, and it's beneficial for both of them. It makes the skin glow and healthier. It also improves metabolism.

Is it good to take lime everyday?

Yes, lime is a rich source of Vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium, which helps boost immunity, stables blood pressure, and reduces the risk of heart disease.

Can lime remove belly fat?

Yes, taking lime regularly can remove belly fat and also acts as a supplement for your weight loss regime.


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