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How to tighten neck skin? Know more

How to tighten neck skin?

How to tighten neck skin?

The saggy skin on the neck is very disturbing and takes away all the beauty of your face and body. The saggy skin on the neck is also called a turkey neck. It is usually developed with age around 40 years but it can also be observed in early ages or even later. There are many reasons for developing a saggy neck, a few of them are, genetics, age, lifestyle, obesity, and more. 

How to tighten skin on neck?

There are various ways you can tighten your skin on the neck. There are natural ways, where you can exercise daily and do regular massages, you can also seek cosmetic surgery to remove it. There are a few old where it can treat saggy necks. By having a healthy lifestyle, doing regular neck stretches, taking collagen supplements, exfoliation services, micro-needling, non-invasive treatments, and more you can tighten the skin on your neck. 

What causes neck skin to sag?

Usually, the neck skin starts to sag due to aging and then in a few cases genetics too. The neck skin sags when it loses its elasticity. And this creates loose skin around the neck and a saggy jawline, bringing a turtle neck and double chin. This disturbs the whole way you look, and it is ugly too. And some other times the main reason for this is excess fat. 

For a few people, fat starts to get stored near the neck and jawline area. Most of the time it is near the jawline, after that it also starts to accumulate in the neck area making it saggy. Few believe that neck sagging is also a result of overe xposure to the sun and sudden weight loss. And the underlying reason here also is the same, that is loss of protein in that area, the skin’s natural ability to produce collagen, and loss of elasticity.

Neck skin tightening exercises

Here are a few exercises to tighten neck skin:

1. Forehead push

Sit straight, with the help of your hands push your forehead back, and hold your head but don’t move it back or front. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat 3-4 times.

2. Chew

Sit straight and lift your head high so that you can see the ceiling. Now hold that position and chew your teeth with your lips closed. Repeat this process 20 times.

3. Kiss

Sit straight, now lift your head to a point where your chin points to the ceiling, and close your lips. Now give a pout with your lips like giving a kiss, and repeat this step 20 times.

4. Neck lift

Lie on your bed gently, and let your head hang over any one of the edges. Now lift your head high to the utmost point you can with the help of your neck muscles. Repeat 5 times. But stop it immediately if you feel pain in your neck.

How to tighten neck skin naturally?

Here are a few ways to tighten neck skin naturally:

  • Hot massage
  • Cucumber pastes
  • Almon oil massage
  • Balanced diet
  • Balanced weight
  • Regular exercises

Take Away

A saggy neck or turtle neck can be treated easily with perfect care and remedies. Follow the above methods to reduce the saggy neck. However, look out for pain while doing exercises, if you get pain, stop the exercise immediately and give it complete rest. And do anything excessively, as the muscles near the neck are small and weak. Before taking any decision, it is recommended to consult your health care professional.


What age does neck start sagging?

Usually, the neck starts sagging at the age of 40, but it can be started early and sometime much later too. 

Does neck exercises really work?

Yes, a proper neck exercise can help you increase blood circulation, strengthen auxiliary muscles, and can prevent neck sagging too.

Is aloe vera good for neck wrinkles?

Yes, aloe vera gel can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It naturally increases the production of collagen in the body which further helps in reducing the signs of aging.


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