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Facts about Dusky Skin

Dusky woman

Dusky Skin

Over the years, people have been obsessing over dusky skin. A few years back, people used to have an ill feeling about it, and look where we reached now. Looks like we’ve covered a long way. Even the cosmetic industry is doing so well in this particular field. They’re launching base makeup such as foundations, concealers, and powders with shades specifically meant for dusky skin tones in different tones. Other than this, different shades of blushes, eye makeup, and contours are also being launched for dusky skin color. Thus, it’s best if we say dusky skin is totally in right now!

What is dusky skin?

Indian people are mostly found in wheatish skin tone. Even though it’s sad to see that they’re obsessed with light to fair skin tones, most of are having wheatish skin tones. Is there something worse than this? Yes, they try their level best to hide their real skin tone and become lighter and fairer. Since people are unaware of how gorgeous a dusky skin tone looks, let’s first understand what exactly is it. 

A dusky skin tone can be defined as a shade between a wheatish skin tone and a dark, brown skin tone. People also refer to it as “tanned skin” or “sun-kissed” skin tone. Indeed, it looks away beautiful and that’s why people try their best to fake it. People situated in Northern countries even have shops that help them fake a tan and get that pretty-looking dusky tone. Funny, isn’t it? That people born with it are trying to get rid of it while those who are born with fair and light skin tones and trying to fake it out. 

Therefore, dusky skin can be known as a light brown skin tone that is darker that a wheatish skin tone but lighter than those deep-dark brown skin tones. Just like any other skin tone, it’s equally attractive and demands care to maintain.

How to get glowing dusky skin?

If you think dusky skin is low-maintenance, you are wrong. Taking care of dusky skin also needs effort. No skin tone it and never will be. To get those flushed cheeks and a sun-kissed look, you gotta do a lot! From exfoliators to moisturizers to sun protection, everything needs to be at the proper amount to do the job. When you have that beautiful dusky skin, it’s best to ensure that you don’t go for those lightening creams and cleansers that not do any job, but also harm the top layer of your skin. It’s best if you go with an exfoliator that sheds off the dead skin and reveals a healthy and pleasing glow. 

You can fake dusky skin by getting a tan or by doing your makeup that promotes a sun-kissed look, but other than that, if you’re not born with it, you can’t achieve it since it’s caused by genetics and excess melanin production. To make your skin glow, make sure you follow a proper CTM (cleanse, tone, and moisturize) routine that sits well with your skin tone, doesn’t break out, and doesn’t interfere with the natural color of your skin.

Is dusky skin beautiful?

It will be rude to say that any skin type isn’t pretty or beautiful. But, not even to sound negative or bad, the truth is that dusky skin is one of the most beautiful skin tones out there. A living example is people getting a fake tan and using cosmetic procedures to get that sun-kissed or tan look shows that it’s wanted and is indeed beautiful. Not to forget, there are even filters that help you achieve that look. Makeup influencers are also promoting looks that help you look sun-kissed by using brown-shade products that give the effect of a dusky skin tone. Even during the year 2021-2022, it was much in the spotlight.

Dusky skin vs. wheatish skin

There are multiple skin tones present in the world. Some can have fair and light skin tones such as people living in Northern regions such as the USA, Canada, Europe and so, some can have brown and wheatish skin tones such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and so while some can deep brown and black skin tone such as people living in Africa. In these, the two skin tones such as dusky and wheatish skin tone are somewhat different. We know fair and dark are totally different but sometimes there’s a bit of confusion between dusky and wheatish skin tones. A wheatish skin tone can be called a brown tone while a dusky skin tone is somewhat darker than that and can be considered a dark brown skin color. 


Without a doubt, it can be said that a dusky skin tone is one of the prettiest shades people are born with. Dusky skin tone is widely spread across the globe and those who don’t have it are trying their best to fake it using certain methods. The dark brown skin tone that makes your skin look like you’ve tanned yourself is everyone’s favorite and over the past years, became a spotlight too. So maintain a perfect skincare regime and have a glowing skin tone.


What does dusky skin mean?

A dusky skin tone is one of the prettiest skin tones found in every other country but mostly India. It’s slightly darker than the wheatish skin tone and is somewhat dark brown in color but lighter than the deep and black skin tone. It gives a pleasing sun-kissed or tanned effect on your skin.

Is dusky skin and dark skin the same?

While dusky skin can be called something that melts down in the darker skin tone, it’s not exactly dark skin. Dark skin is deep brown and black skin tone and dusky skin does not fill into the same criteria. Dusky skin tone is tanned and a part of dark brown skin tone but not black.

Which skin tone is the most beautiful?

There’s no specific skin tone that can be given the tag of most beautiful. All skin tones are equally pretty in their own way. Be it fair, medium, dusky, dark, or black, all of these have some appeal about them and are beautiful in their own way. 


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