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Aloe Vera Face Mask

Women wearing aloe vera face pack

Aloe vera face mask

Aloe vera - One of the most versatile ingredients that have been used for ages and fit well in the beauty and health industry. The benefits of it are numerous. It can be used as a great smoothening and hydrating ingredient for your face, skin, hair, and nails and can be used as a healthy drink that improves your gut health. It can also be used to decorate your home and can be used as an indoor plant, but that’s totally different. By this, it’s pretty clear that aloe vera indeed has one of the most flexible ingredients. 

The sharp green-looking plants contain a gooey-like colorless gel and that’s where the magic begins. It’s because of this gel that the plant is so-called and widely used in so many many recipes. It’s even astonishing to know that this is also used in the cosmetic industry nowadays! It packs in essential nutrients such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, amino acids and making it highly anti-oxidant in nature. Aloe vera is an excellent source of vitamins A, C, and E, magnesium, and calcium.

Aloe vera can be used as a great face mask. When it comes to skincare, aloe vera is no doubt in the spotlight. There are multiple benefits of aloe vera for the face and skin and that’s why it’s been everyone’s favorite. It can be used as a great hydrating moisturizer, as a sheet mask, and face mask and give your skin that instant glow you always dreamt of. 

6 Benefits of aloe vera on face

There’s a reason why aloe vera has taken over the market. It’s easy to use, cost-friendly has no side effects, and contains a lot of benefits for the skin. Aloe vera, in general, acts as a light moisturizer, doesn’t sit heavy on the skin, and is cooling in nature so leaves no room for burns and irritation. 

  1. It has the ability to treat certain skin conditions such as acne and pimples, cuts and burns, eczema, and rosacea, and calms or soothes the skin. 
  2. Aloe vera contains about 98% water content that helps to give your skin a boost of hydration, treats dry, rough, flaky skin, and soothes it.
  3. It has cooling properties that help to calm the skin when irritated due to sunburns, infections, rashes, and burns and thus makes a very good ingredient for sensitive skin types.
  4. Since aloe vera gel is highly antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, it helps to keep acne and pimples at bay.
  5. Aloe vera is also helpful in reducing puffiness and dark circles. It’s packed with Vitamin E and antioxidants that cools down eye puffiness and fades dark circles away. 
  6. Since aloe vera contains necessary nutrients such as vitamins C and E, it helps to prevent the free radical formation and cell damage. All these contribute and make it a great ingredient for slowing down signs of aging. 

How to make an aloe vera face mask?

The easiest way to use aloe vera is by making a face mask out of it! The best part of this face mask it’s not time-consuming at all, blends very easily, and aloe vera has a versatile ingredient that sits with many other ingredients such as fuller’s earth, gram flour, honey, coffee powder, rose water, and so on! If you have oily skin, mix aloe vera gel with fuller’s earth. If you have normal skin, mix aloe vera gel with gram flour and if you have dry skin, mix aloe vera gel with honey. To make a face mask out of these, mix 1-2 tablespoons of aloe vera gel with 1 spoon of the other ingredient. Apply all over your face, leave it on for 10-15 minutes, wash it off, and pat dry.

Is it good to apply aloe vera on the face?

Aloe vera is packed with multiple nutrients and benefits. It is highly antioxidant and anti-inflammatory in nature and gives your skin the utmost care and hydration. Aloe vera is extremely flexible and can be applied to your hair, and nails and works great for internal health too. So, it’s safe to say that aloe vera can be applied to the face. Even in the market, there are a giant number of products available for skin such as cleansers, gels, moisturizers, toners, and even SPFs that have aloe vera as their main ingredient. 

Aloe vera face mask Vs. coffee face mask

The two OG face masks - Aloe vera and coffee! However, there can be no comparison drawn between the two but let’s break down a bit about them. Coffee face mask works more like an exfoliator and helps to shed away dead skin cells. These are best suited for oily skin types. On the other hand, aloe vera face masks tend to sit on the skin, get absorbed easily, and are said to hydrate skin while cooling off burns and rashes. Aloe vera face mask works well for all skin types. It’s even one of the safest ingredients that blend easily with sensitive skin types. But, nonetheless, these are both helpful in moisturizing and brightening the skin.


Aloe vera is one of the best ingredients one can incorporate into their beauty routine. Be it your hair concerns like dry ends, hair loss, and rough hair or skin concerns like Pimples, pimples, irritation, burns, and acne can be treated using Aloe vera gel. It can be used as a great face and hair mask, moisturizer, and even mist. No doubt this ingredient has been used for ages and was so loved by our grandmothers too! 


Can we use an aloe vera face pack daily?

While aloe vera can be used daily on your skin as a light and gentle moisturizer, using it as a face pack can be unpleasant. Even using face packs on a daily basis can hinder the texture of your skin.

What can I mix with aloe vera on my face?

Aloe vera is one of the most versatile ingredients and can be paired with other amazing ingredients such as honey, gram flour, fuller’s earth, rose water, and so on! It can also be mixed with curd and coffee which makes excellent exfoliants. 

How long do you keep aloe vera on your face?

Aloe vera can be applied as a moisturizer, face mask, or sheet mask and the duration of it depends on the way applied. If it’s used as a face mask or pack, it can be washed off after 10-15 minutes and the same goes for exfoliators. When applied as a moisturizer, it can be left until absorbed or overnight. 


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